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Masks are a sub-category of Protections. As with any other form of equipment, masks can be obtained as loot drops in the open world, obtained as random drops from Rift Coins and Disks, or bought with fragments. They also carry their own protection and weight values, as well as a rarity value ranging from "Ordinary" to "Mythical".

The following masks can be obtained in Absolver:

Masks - These masks can be obtained as either loot drops in the open world or via opening Rift Coins or Disks. Those in bold have colour variants, which may or may not be exclusive to PVE.

  1. Prospect Mask
  2. All-seeing Mask
  3. Anlek's eye Mask
  4. Barapha Mask
  5. Forest Dweller Mask
  6. Forest Spike Mask
  7. Golden One Mask
  8. Hand of Marek
  9. Hive Bone Mask
  10. Mask of Talem
  11. Motherland Mask
  12. Metal Teeth Mask
  13. Newforest Mask
  14. Orate Keeper Mask
  15. Oration Time Mask
  16. Placid Mask
  17. Sand Tribe Mask
  18. Sea Guardian Mask
  19. Shabu Guard Mask
  20. Simeon Mask
  21. Tear Chief Mask
  22. Terracotta Mask
  23. Thorns Mask
  24. Upside Down Mask
  25. Wild Stag Mask

Unique Masks - These masks can only be obtained once. They may either be exclusive items or loot drops from the open world.

  1. Folded Eyes Mask
  2. Kuretz Mask
  3. Labyrinth Prospect Mask
  4. Lost Prospect Mask
  5. Red Essence Mask
  6. Silan Mask
  7. Silly Face Mask

Devolver Masks - These masks were available as a drop behind the map in Guidance Bridge for a limited time for update 1.06. They are no longer available in the open world but can be obtained as drops from Rift Disks. They are inspired by games published by Devolver Digital.

  1. Rooster Mask (Hotline Miami)
  2. Cartel mask (Mother Russia Bleeds)
  3. Rengkok mask (Ruiner)
  4. Oration Operative Mask (Shadow Warrior 2)
  5. Elohim Mask (The Talos Principle)
  6. Bullet Kin Mask (Enter the Gungeon)

Halloween Masks - These masks were available as loot drops from the Marked Ones who donned it over the period of the Halloween update. They are no longer worn or dropped by Marked Ones but can be obtained as drops from Rift Disks.

  1. Bird Doctor Mask (worn by Lamren)
  2. Devil Mask (worn by Ristael)
  3. Dead Inside Mask (worn by Dormek)
  4. Mask-o-Lantern (worn by Revario)
  5. Candles Mask (worn by Angrel)
  6. Night Owl Mask (worn by Ama Saba)

Purchasable Masks - These masks can be bought with fragments, accessible from the "Essence" tab when saving at an altar.

  1. Ice Mask (unlocked at CT level 1000)
  2. Forest Shaman Mask