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Combat styles in Absolver allow players to customize the way their Prospect fights. These styles are based off of real-world fighting techniques.

There are 3 styles which you can choose from at the beginning, and two styles which can be unlocked further in the game.

Starting Styles


Forsaken is a balanced and powerful style based on Kick boxing. Its special ability is Parry. Users of the Forsaken style are able to counter moves, briefly stunning their opponent.


The Khalt method is strong and defensive, with a special ability called Absorb. This allows Prospects to absorb the knockback from attacks and convert the damage into chip damage. If you successfully counterattack, you regain this health and any other white damage.


The Windfall style is based on Ba Gua Zhang and other different varieties of Kung Fu. This style is agile and quick to react. Its special ability is called Avoid. Avoid allows Prospects to dodge left and right, as well as jump over and crouch under attacks, opening your opponent to a counterattack.

Unlockable Styles


This odd style is unpredictable and powerful, based on Drunken Boxing. It has a special ability which provides a set of moves with charging or evasive properties (1 charge, left/right strafing and a backward evading attack), allowing users of the style to simultaneously attack and defend. These moves don't produce stamina when successfully countering attacks like other styles, but are treated as attacks and can use both feints and the flow mechanic.


Inspired by Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, the Faejin Combat Style blends defense and offense with percussive strikes and fluid power. A complex style for experienced Absolvers, featuring different defensive abilities that depend on both input and stances.