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Belt is a sub-category of Protections. As with any other form of equipment, belts can be obtained as loot drops in the open world, bought with fragments or obtained as random drops from Rift Coins and Disks. They also carry their own protection and weight values, as well as a rarity value ranging from "Ordinary" to "Rare". belts can also come in colour variants, similar to other types of protections and select masks, and can also be dyed into 6 possible colour variations.

The following belts can be obtained in Absolver:

Belt - These belts can either be dropped from the open world or obtained via opening Rift Coins and Disks.

  1. Elite Scout Belt
  2. Essence Miner Belt
  3. Forest Caller Belt
  4. Forest Dweller Belt
  5. Motherland Leather Belt
  6. New Uring Belt
  7. Orate Keeper Belt
  8. Orate Leader Belt
  9. Ripa Scout Belt
  10. Shabu Guard Belt
  11. Silan Belt
  12. Tear Chain Belt
  13. Tear Chief Belt
  14. Tear Trapper Belt
  15. Uring Knight Belt
  16. Wide Leather Belt